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Re: Observations & Remedies for Pinnacle Studio 21.5U

  •  04-26-2019, 6:24

    Re: Observations & Remedies for Pinnacle Studio 21.5U

    The other day, after I had exported a 4 minute video and then switched back to Editing Mode, I deleted four empty layers from the timeline, then resaved the project after locking each remaining layer.  No rendering remained to be completed as there were no changes made after completing the Export and there were no indications that Studio had further work to do.  Task Manager was indicating that Studio was using 0% of the CPU, that Studio had 0% disk activity and 0% Network and 0% GPU activity.  I then EXITED from Studio.  As described in point 4 of my original message in this thread, Studio very quickly disappeared from my screen and task bar.  No other applications were running & there was less than 3% CPU activity from Windows background tasks seconds before I shut Studio down. 

    Well dear friends, Studio continued to run for an additional 25 minutes as a background task (as indicated by Task Manager), mostly with disk activity as high as 45% and CPU activity around 30%.  Just as Studio disappeared from Task Manager, I noticed Windows was finally displaying an icon for the Exported MP4 file. 

     I'm hoping that Corel fixes this flaw.  No other application that I use displays this unusual behavior of switching from being an active task to an invisible background task when you quit them.  This is certainly not a desirable program feature and I'm sure more than a handful of users have created work for Support by rebooting too soon or simply turning off their PC before all the disk activity had ceased, forcing a reset of Studio's effects database & other internal work files.  I've looked at Corel's documentation and there is no mention of this feature.  If Studio is going to continue acting this way, it should be documented.  That is IF as I hope this undocumented feature is discontinued in a future version.  It's dangerous and a really short sighted programming choice.

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