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Observations & Remedies for Pinnacle Studio 21.5U

  •  04-12-2019, 15:45

    Observations & Remedies for Pinnacle Studio 21.5U

    Some of the following comments may also have relevance for other Studio versions.

    1.  The larger your project, the more you need to keep an eye on Studio via Windows Task Manager.  Thankfully, my PC supports 2 monitors & many of my ongoing frustrations with Studio ended when I activated Task Manger in my 2nd Window.  With TM, I was able to witness Studio's stress levels during various background processes and could better judge when to take a break and let the background render process do its' job without further interference from my attempts to continue editing.  In other words, I could better gauge when NOT to fight with the software.  Obviously, I had just given Studio a large task.

    2. What Studio displays on screen isn't always what is actually going on behind a frozen screen. When the Background Render Service displays RED,  it often means the BG RENDERER has crashed.  When the rendering stops with segments of the timeline unfinished, it often means the BG RENDERER has crashed.  Save your work (if you can) and restart Studio AFTER confirming via Task Manager, that Studio has properly shut down.

    3. I'm impressed with Studio's ability to rescue my unsaved project when it has crashed.  Since Task Manager is now a considered requirement, Studio crashes far less.

    4. When you Quit Studio after saving your work, Studio quickly disappears from your screen and your task bar.  However, Studio is still running and may continue to run for up to 3 minutes, saving your project, updating & closing xml and other internal files.  Before I started using Task Manager, I had quickly rebooted after a messy Studio malfunction and if the PC seemed locked up completely, I had even resorted to pulling the plug.  Windows 10 also offers an unwise choice of 'Quit Anyway', even when an application hasn't finished closing.  I now know that plug pulling guarantees Studio's Library & other internal files will be completely hooped.   

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