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Re: Suggested Changes to Transition & Fade Handling in Studio 22U.2.0.325

  •  04-08-2019, 3:51

    Re: Suggested Changes to Transition & Fade Handling in Studio 22U.2.0.325


    Some further input that may be useful in any communication with Corel.  I was hesitant to say this previously as it might be seen as criticism or an attempt at design that 'techos' don't like, or conflict with other design plans by Corel.  However, it seems pretty straight forward, at least to me.

    The Fades (cross-fades) in PS22.2 are handled based on the Timeline Mode.  OVERWRITE MODE creates still frames and maintains the Timeline Sync.  INSERT/SMART MODES overlap the clips and shorten the Timeline.  This is excellent.

    The Ripple Fade (cross-fade) function should follow the same rules, unfortunately they currently always create still frames to Maintain Sync.

    I cannot see why add, drag, send Transitions to the Timeline cannot be handled the same way as Fades (cross-fades)....based on the Timeline Mode.  The Context Menu would need three options as suggested above (CENTRE (to start/end of clip), OUT or IN).      

    The Ripple Transition function to also follow the Timeline mode rules.

    There would be no need for the Transition Mode setting in the Control Panel (that currently does not work).  The problem with this setting is that if there are multiple projects in progress they could be at various stages of editing meaning that the Control Panel option may need to be re-set each time a Project is opened. 

    Sorry, I guess I'm just looking at it too simplistically but I don't think it is all that difficult to understand the concept.  Probably not an issue for short projects but this processing has a significant impact on long-form projects.

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