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Suggested Changes to Transition & Fade Handling in Studio 22U.2.0.325

  •  04-07-2019, 7:06

    Suggested Changes to Transition & Fade Handling in Studio 22U.2.0.325

    A Support ticket has been raised with Corel Technical Support as follows:

    In the Control Panel > Project Settings > Transition Mode there is an option for 'Overlap Clips' that does not appear to work:

    1. When a Transition is Dragged, Added via the Context Menu or Sent to the Timeline, the clips are not overlapped and the Timeline is not shortened as I believe was intended by the setting.  It appears that 'Maintain Timeline Sync' is always applied in error.

    2. When using the Ripple function in the Transition Editor to ripple a Transition or a Fade the selected clips are not overlapped when the 'Overlap Clips' option is set.

    Please arrange for the 'Overlap Clips' option to be applied as intended when:
    - Transitions are added to/placed on the Timeline
    - Rippling Transitions and Fades to selected clips on the Timeline.


    The following improvements could also be considered for Transition and Fade (Cross-Fade) handling:

    - In the clip context menu there are 2 options; 'IN Transition' and 'OUT Transition'.  Suggest replace these options with 'Transitions' and an option to add an IN or OUT or CENTRE (at start or end of selected clip) Transition along with the Edit options currently available.

    - When adding a Transition from the Context Menu the IN, OUT or CENTRE Transition should be added to all clips selected on the Timeline (not just the last selected clip).  Replicate as per PS21.2 to add Transitions to multiple clips.   

    - In the Transitiion Editor the Ripple function ripples a CENTRE Transition or Fade (Cross-Fade) as appropriate.  Suggest add an option to Ripple with same properties and characteristics as the item being rippled.


    Any other suggestions regarding Transition and Fade handling welcome.

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