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Re: Transitions on PS 22

  •  04-06-2019, 8:02

    Re: Transitions on PS 22

    Jjn, as you suggested I updated to PS22.2.0.325 (64-bit) and the results of some testing on Fades and Transitions are set out below.  Tested with 'Overlap Clips' selected in the Transition Mode setting in the Control Panel and the timeline set to Insert mode (PS22 re-started a number of times): 




    ADD Fades appears OK - IN and OUT Fades overlap and shorten the Timeline - answers my initial query.

    Ripple Fade: Creates a CENTRE Fade on the selected clips (regardless of the Rippled Fade being OUT or IN) and does not overlap/shorten the Timeline 




    Drag or Add or Send a Transition to the Timeline and it does not overlap (as the setting in the Control Panel appears to suggest).  The video is stilled and the Timeline is not shortened - The setting in the Control Panel appears to have no effect.....it seems to always Maintain Timeline Sync.


    CENTRE Transition: Outgoing clip is stilled

    OUT Transition: Incoming clip is stilled

    IN Transition: Outgoing clip is stilled


    Ripple Transition - Creates a CENTRE Transition on the selected clips (regardless of the Rippled Transition being OUT or IN) and does not overlap/shorten the Timeline.


    Cannot Add or Send and IN or OUT Transition to multiple selected clips on the Timeline (an alternate to the Ripple function in PS21 that overlapped the clips) - In PS22 a CENTRE Transition is only added to the last clip in the selection and the clips are not overlapped.


    Perhaps I have misunderstood the purpose of the 'Overlap Clips' setting in the Control Panel or perhaps I'm not working correctly with Transitions in PS22.  Please let me know if you are able to change the behaviour of Transitions with the 'Overlap Clips' option in the Control Panel or any suggestions re what I'm doing incorrectly. 


    NOTE: I would think that the Rippled Fade or Rippled Transition should be added to the selected clips with the same properties and on the same basis (overlap, etc) as the item being Rippled.


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