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Nuthin Fancy - Tina Turner "Falling" remixed

  •  04-05-2019, 13:24

    Nuthin Fancy - Tina Turner "Falling" remixed

    This cuddly love song is from her 1999 CD "24/7" to which I've added a half-cup of 2-step hip-rubbing energy.  Please check out the link (in the notes) to the original CD version of the song to fully appreciate the remixed version's tempo adjustment.  I decided to use relatively 'cliche' video elements that I should apologize for (probably won't happen until my memoirs get published) but they compliment the tune & follow the lyrics without being too obvious (or am I being too kind to myself). 

    No matter.  Here is your invitation to fall in love with "FALLING" by Tina Turner.   https://youtu.be/2Kpoq_b2AYo

    While you are there, check out the other music videos on the new non-monetized channel.  Bunches of other videos to come, all produced with PS21.5U

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