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Re: even more rendering problems

  •  03-16-2019, 6:41

    Re: even more rendering problems


    Same as me, I found it easy on previous versions of Pinnacle, but I have managed to get it working on Pinnacle 21.

    I just highlight the section of the video I want to pan/zoom, open pan & zoom in editor, make sure I get the picture and the red marker at the beginning of the section, click on the white marker along the appropriate action (zoom, horizontal, vertical) so as to position the start point, then move the required slider to the position you want.

    I then moved the marker on the timeline to the end of the selected section and repressed the white marker to pin the position at the end, adjusted the slider etc and that did it for me.

    I know this is not the best of details as I'm still NOT fully into using PS 21....however, look for one of the training videos on PS web site....they work a treat!



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