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Re: Share your prep techniques

  •  01-29-2019, 12:20

    Re: Share your prep techniques

    Oh, bitrate.  Sorry, I didn't pick up on the typo.  Recently, I got access to a professional set and couldn't believe the quality from a well-lit set (well, better than what I can do anyway).  Since I cannot color correct or grade to save my life, I really just go straight from cam to youtube.  So now, I'm really after good lighting more than anything else.  

    Wow footage looks incredible on my 2160p monitor.  There's a $500 4k "upgrade" for my camera.  I'd love to get it but I never use it much.  A $2k camera that sits in my closet at home. What a waste.  I'd never really benefit by having 4K at work in a university setting.  Maybe later.

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