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Re: Studio Hogs My DVD Tray

  •  12-27-2018, 21:05

    Re: Studio Hogs My DVD Tray

    I had the same problem with my bluray burner. I did some searching and found a solution on the Tom's hardware website. Below is a copy and paste of what someone posted. It works for me, might work for you:

     This is most probably a problem with the eject motor and/or it's sensing electronics.
    I HAVE the exact same problem with an LG GGW-H20L Blu-Ray Burner drive.

    Here's what's going on:
    1) The motor that spins the CD/DVD disk has a powerful magnet on the spindle.
    2) On the underside of the upper drive casing there's a plastic "gripper" (with metal inside it) that's free to rotate.
    3) When the disk motor/laser assembly is raised to the disc (when the tray closes) this magnet attracts the plastic/metal gripper, holding the DVD firmly between them.
    4) When you want to eject, the eject motor has to separate this magnet from the gripper disk BUT this eject motor has sensing electronics that determine if there's any obstruction (that's why you can nudge it to close or why it doesn't keep trying if it hits an obstacle)

    NOW, unfortunately, if the motor or the sensing electronics have degraded, the "obstruction sensing" can kick in just because of the strength of the disk gripper magnet.
    HOWEVER, if you have a disk in the drive already, then the magnet is further away from the gripper (by the thickness of the DVD/CD) and thus takes less force to separate them. That is why it's quite likely that the drive will eject with a DVD/CD in but not when empty.

    As far as fixes are concerned,....
    The best I can suggest is to leave a disk in there at all times!!
    I've wasted hours trying to bugger around inside, mechanically and electronically.
    It's probably not worth the effort.

     TL;DR  leave a blank disc in there all the time


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