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Re: Re:Audio Correction

  •  12-16-2018, 10:31

    Re: Re:Audio Correction


    In Studio 20 I don't think you can adjust the Equalizer settings across multiple clips/scenes on the Timeline or by Copy/Pasting and definitely cannot alter the Volume across multiple clips (unless there is an Effect with 'Equalizer' in S20 that I'm not aware of).

    I've been doing similar with vehicle noise in Studio 21 (similar to V20).  The best I can achieve is:

    - Reduce the 'Mid Low' and 'Low' settings in Equalizer to about -8.

    - Additionally, if there is conversation that needs to be heard over the vehicle noise you may need to increase the volume of the clip 

    The down side is you need to make the Equalizer and Volume adjustments one clip at a time (unless I'm missing something - there has been previous discussion and enhancement requests for this problem)

    As previously suggested by jjn, you may be able to isolate an entire clip in the library and make the changes if the same settings are to be applied to the entire clip...it can then be added to the Timeline and sliced/trimmed to suit.  I guess it could be further adjusted if necessary, but one clip/scene at a time on the Timeline.



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