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Re: Flickering during playback after exporting Studio 22 Ultimate

  •  11-10-2018, 23:06

    Re: Flickering during playback after exporting Studio 22 Ultimate


    FYI, on a computer such as your Asus laptop, that does not have Nvidia graphics, but which does have Intel graphics & quick sync, if Studio is set to "Cuda" it will actually use the Intel H.264 hardware encoder!

    I am aware of (and have reported) a flicker issue that can affect H.264 exports when using Intel hardware acceleration; if it occurs, the "flicker" shows a still frame from somewhere else (usually earlier) in the project. Extremely likely to occur if exporting standard-definition (720x480 or 720x576), fairly likely to occur if exporting "720p" (1280x720), seems not to occur (or I've just been fortunate and not seen it) when exporting full-HD (1920x1080) or higher resolution.

    For standard-definition and "720p", sometimes an export will complete successfully with no flicker; however it's unpredictable - repeat exactly the same export and the flicker could occur. But in all cases, switching to "None" (so not using the Intel H.264 hardware encoder) seems 100% reliable - that flicker does not occur.


     Richard that's exactly whats happening, and I switched to exporting at 720p instead of 1080p because it was faster to upload to YouTube with 720 over 1080. So should I just export with acceleration set to none or switch to full HD?


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