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Re: Suggested Modifications For Handling Fades & Transitions

  •  11-08-2018, 7:30

    Re: Suggested Modifications For Handling Fades & Transitions

    Thanks jjn

    I tried to determine what Corel was trying to achieve with PS22 and to be honest it makes no sense (at least to me).  The Manual did not help.  It appears they are simply trying to edit 'pictures' because it really does not address video editing where motion and audio is involved.  When Overwrite Mode is used, the edited video is unwatchable unless significant editing is performed to remove stop/start video and audio spikes/blanks.  To achieve a smooth fade/transition the video and audio MUST overlap in most cases so Overwrite Mode is rarely appropriate.

    I believe PS21 was on the right track 'sort of' (at least it was possible to partly use Insert Mode) but with PS22 I just cannot follow what they have tried to do.  Adding the Fades/Transition problems to the already significant lag time on long-form projects makes things very slow and difficult.

    The suggestions I put forward follows on from PS21 and totally disregards PS22 because I don't believe it is workable.  In other words I think a step back would be necessary in order to go forward.  Generally, the suggestions made to Corel include:

    - Allow the user to choose either Insert or Overwrite Mode when Adding, Editing, Removing or 'Rippling' both Fades and Transitions.

    - Allow the user to choose from IN, OUT or CENTRE Fades/Transitions (without a 'Default'). 

    - Provide a function to quickly force the opposite effect when adding Fades and Transitions (eg: in Insert mode use of say the 'Alt' key forces Overwrite Mode).

    - Avoid using video footage already trimmed out (use Freeze Frame).  Video is usually trimmed out for a reason.

    - When using appropriate methods Transitions may be Added, Edited and Removed across multiple selected Clips. 

    - Attempt to sync the unlocked tracks when using Insert mode by adding trim points to 'clips' on other Tracks the right of the impact point.  Clips spanning the impacted point are ignored and need to be adjusted manually.

    If other suggestions please let me know and I will update the request.  I can post or provide a copy of the request if required.  


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