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Re: Re:Studio 22 Transitions

  •  10-24-2018, 3:52

    Re: Re:Studio 22 Transitions

    I think the problem is that the length of the timeline is always protected.  If you do this in PS21 with an OUT Transition in Insert Mode you would get the Fade (and the Timeline would be shortened).

    This I why I believe it would be better to enforce the Timeline Mode setting for adding/changing Fades and Transitions:

    . INSERT MODE  shortens the Timeline and provides a smooth transition/fade of video and audio (Alt key to force Overwrite)

    . OVERWRITE MODE - Protects the Timeline length (ie if a clip is split and not trimmed there will be no effect).  (Alt key to force Insert)

    Always protecting the Timeline length significantly adds to the editing workload, particularly on long form projects, and causes jerky, unwatchable video in most cases unless the clips are manually trimmed.  It would be much better to enable the user to choose whether to protect or shorten the Timeline length.

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