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Re: Re:Studio 22 Transitions

  •  10-23-2018, 19:34

    Re: Re:Studio 22 Transitions

    If I have a 30 second clip where the first half is one subject and the second half is another, I used to be able to use the razor tool to quickly split the clip into two parts, throw in a fade transition between the two new clips and it looks much better. Can't do that anymore because now just splitting a clip won't allow a transition to be inserted in between the clip. Now after splitting the clip I have to shorten each clip (at the place I want to insert the transition) before it will even allow a transition to be placed. More work; more time.

    Tried a short project on Studio 22 and exported to a file--viewed the file and the transitions all freeze or stutter in the output file. NOT smooth at all...


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