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Re: Re:Studio 22 Transitions

  •  10-23-2018, 16:51

    Re: Re:Studio 22 Transitions

    Agreed--terrible choice. I applied the patch, the transitions still work haphazardly (frozen frames, have to pre-trim clips if I simply razor cut a clip and want a transition between the two split clips)...it's an awful increase in editing time.

    The worst part is that with Studio 21, I TRUSTED that when I added transitions they would work properly (and they did) but with Studio 22 I'm wasting all sorts of valuable time, even exporting the movie before it's done just to see if the transitions look smooth (THEY DO NOT).

    So, after upgrading to the latest and greatest Studio 22, it's back to Studio 21 so I can get some work done quickly and efficiently. When's the NEXT patch???

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