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Re: Re:Timefreeze problem

  •  09-24-2018, 19:56

    Re: Re:Timefreeze problem

    I just noticed that it happens with movies that are split in several clips. The problems arise when I

    1.  Add a timefreeze to a clip
    2. Split taht clip somewhere after the timefreeze
    3. Add a timefreeze to the new clip right from the split

    At point 3 you will notice that you also have the option to delete a timefreeze from the clip, even though that clip doesn't have a timefreeze. I think that is where the problem begins. Because when I add the timefreeze the new pink segment does not behave like a timefreeze. 

    When I delete the (invisible)  timefreeze from the right clip instead of inserting one the trim line changes (meaning that I have to trim it properly again) but after that adding a timefreeze works alright.

    In short: Adding a timefreeze to a clip, splitting that clip and adding a timefreeze to the newly created clip is causing problems.

    I hope this helps. 

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