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Re: Transitions on PS 22

  •  09-13-2018, 3:43

    Re: Transitions on PS 22

    They are a mess.

    If you split a clip with the razor tool and want to add a transition in between the two razor split clips, you can't. No idea why.

    You used to be able to quickly drag the corner of the beginning or end of a clip and pull it to a length that you want--not anymore. Now the transition gets pulled on to both the clip you're working on and the one before/after it (as shown with a little box that shows up on both).

    During a transition, many times the footage freezes or changes color.

    With the old transitions, it was easy to pull a quick fade from the corner. Now you have to take the extra step of opening the transition to make adjustments. Total waste of editing time, especially if you're working with a large number of transitions.

    If you're working with photos and using transitions, it will now take you 2-3 times longer because of all the adjustments you have to make to the transitions.

    I sure hope they get this sorted out soon. Right now I can't even use S22--had to go back to using S21.


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