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Re: What a buggy piece of garbage 22 Ultimate is....

  •  08-28-2018, 23:07

    Re: What a buggy piece of garbage 22 Ultimate is....

    I am using an i7-6700k over clocked to 4.7gHz in a ASRock Z170 OC Formula Motherboard No graphics card, and 8 megs of the best RAM I could buy at the time(PC4 33000 Z370 Platform), voltage Up/Freq Up/ Timings down until it started crashing, then backed it off 10%.

    I have three 4TB Samsung 850 EVO SSD's, and a 1TB Samsung SSD that I Render & export to.  Seems to make a difference having the source on a different drive than your temporary render and export drive.

    Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit

    I have zero complaints.  I tried the 980x, the i7-4790, and the i7-6850K with various ATI graphics cards.  They were great for image editing, but horrible for video editing.

    At the beginning of the year I was going to upgrade to the new i7-8700 for the 4K H.265 encoding support, but I was told studio support for it was buggy at the time.  If you're going to render/encode 4K videos, I would step up to the i7-8700.  The i7-6700K decodes them just fine.

    I have Studio Optimization set to 50. Exporting MTS 1080/60p at about 4x playout rate on a 1080/60p project timeline. Exports a 720x480 DVD at about 8x-10x from a 1080/60 project timeline.  I still cannot get PS22 to export 1080/60i MTS files, so I use PS18 with the 1080/60P MTS file on the timeline and export a Blu-Ray image to get a perfect quality 1080/60i M2TS file from the STREAM folder.

    My source is: Gopro 6 @1080 60fps/240fps & 4K 30fps, GoPro Fusion Stitched(The i7-6700k is about four times slower stitching the 5.2K Fusion files than the i7-6850K.  It only uses CPU, not GPU).  I then take the Fusion stitched images and use Insta360 Studio to make 1080/60i "Overcaptured" 16:9 video to use in Studio.  I also have a nikon underwater camera 1080/30p, and a Panasonic GM1 1080/30p/60p.

    Intel jut came out with a newer faster processor with HD graphics built in, but it's only available in the Mac Book Pro.

    Hope this helps. 

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