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Re: Motions library in Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate

  •  06-21-2018, 6:04

    Re: Motions library in Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate

    OK  You have your movie on the timeline ready to do some editing. You want to add a text: you press the letter T ( just above your movie) Up comes a big window with your movieframe to where you are going to write your text.  Up in the right corner you have a square: Text setting where you write your text. Just above the big square (with your movie frame on  it) there are 2 alternatives: Looks  and Motions When I press Looks I get Standard  and  My looks

    When I press Motion I expect to see Enter  Emphasis  Exit ( in pinnacle 20) but nothing happens. When I hold  the curor  on Looks  I get the text: Browse and select a motion you want to apply  But  I cant find any

    Hopefully thils is a bit clearer


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