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Dazzle DVD Recorder HD and Windows 10 64 bit

  •  05-21-2018, 18:19

    Dazzle DVD Recorder HD and Windows 10 64 bit

    I have had this working fine for a year or so as long as I implement the patch supplied by Pinnacle, but it has suddenly stopped working for me.

    I have uninstalled and re-installed Pinnacle Studio for Dazzle, and I even uninstalled my copy of Studio 15 so that I could do a Reg Clear but I cannot get it back.  The Dazzle is OK in Device Manager, and is recognised as a capture device by Pinnacle but when I present it with a composite or S video signal it always gives the error "Failed to get a video signal".  It does not give No signal which is what I get if I disconnect the analogue device from the Dazzle.

     I think it must be something to do with the major update to Windows 10 that my laptop had last week.  I have been able to install Debut from NCH software and that works well in capturing from the Dazzle but for the fact that I haven't found a way to set it to widescreen 16:9 format, which I had no problem with using the Pinnacle software.

    Has anybody noticed something similar and if so can we expect an update to the patch?  I only bought it in June 2016 to replace my DVC 90 for which there are no 64 bit drivers. 

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