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Re: Canon VIXIA AVCHD PF30 is not progressive or interlaced?

  •  02-23-2018, 18:11

    Re: Canon VIXIA AVCHD PF30 is not progressive or interlaced?

    As usual, you are right on "key" Smile

    Set your project to 30p (30p). For DVD* output I chose 30P* NTSC Widescreen. When I picked 60i coming from the P30 project it looked choppy in the fast moving parts. Same for 60i for project and 30P for DVD. Now if you are using standard 60i footage or a different project set up but need to add some of these clips in then set each clip as progressive using the Corrections -> Adjustments -> Interlacing. I do not have a 30P Blueray output just 24P, 50P, and 60P and did not want to waste the discs to test.

    * I thought the DVD spec only allowed 24P encoding with the flags to tell the player to telecine and show at 29.97i NTSC or 29.97i NTSC encoding with no flags to change the display. I know there is PAL too. I am not sure what the 30P preset actually does in Pinnacle.

    So what is this type of footage? I did a little investigating and some trial and error. So this type of footage that is coming from Canon cameras as PF30, not P30 is actually 60i with the same frames. There is a new buzz word "Progressive Segmented Frame" or PsF. Here is a link to it.

    I am not sure but I thought with interlaced you took 1/2 the vertical lines and put them in 2 separate fields at a different time for the given framerate. That is why you would see the comb effect in motion. Now the question: Are the two fields vertical resolution (30PsF) less than a full frame and if so would you want to deinterlace and combine them before use in Pinnacle. If you blend both you put the two halves back together. Since there is no motion difference in the fields you would get motion blur like 30P not that weird before/after blend with the regular interlaced footage. Circling back I thought the basic part of deinterlacing caused quality loss (excluding lossless rendering output).

     I may have just answered and confused myself simultaneously.



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