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Canon VIXIA AVCHD PF30 is not progressive or interlaced?

  •  02-19-2018, 22:12

    Canon VIXIA AVCHD PF30 is not progressive or interlaced?

    Hi all,

    I received some footage to edit and make a Youtube video and disk out of. Can be DVD ugh! or Blue-ray. I am having a bit of an issue with it. The footage according to MediaInfo is 1080 @ 29.97 interlaced top-field first. Now when I set the project to that and rendered out an MP4 it looked odd. Also when I made a standard NTSC DVD it staggered in the motion. However, when inspecting the frames there are no interlaced lines. I see motion blur like it was deinterlaced. If I separate the fields and compare them side by side they are identical. My first thought is that the video was preprocessed and incorrectly set to interlaced - top field after deinterlacing on output. However, after a quick chat, it turns out that the video was shot as 1080@PF30 AVCHD MXP in the camera. I asked to get the raw MTS files from the camera and they were identical to what I had before.

    Now I  had him check the manual about the setting and it had this:

    [PF30] Shooting at 30 frames per second, progressive*. Use this frame rate to easily edit your AVCHD movies, for example, to post them on the Web.
    *Recorded as 60i.

    Recorded as 60i???  So it is at 29.97 frames a second but with 2 fields of identical data.

    So would I set my project to 30 (30p) or 30 (60i)?. On output to DVD for example would I go NTSC 16:9  60i or 30p. I guess for BD disk there is no 30p but I had stuttering when I used 1080 at 60i.


     Has anyone come accross this type of video from a camera to work with?



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