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Re: Issues Opening/Loading Existing Project

  •  02-06-2018, 19:20

    Re: Issues Opening/Loading Existing Project

    Long story short, the problem went away after installing an old system image and I also dumped all the original clips files and reloaded them from backup copies. The first time I reloaded the project, Studio re-rendered as had been the problem.  But upon subsequent re-loads, the project does not do a full re-render. And... with the new OS image, optimization is again at default = 100, so that isn't/wasn't the issue.  I wonder if the render folder was corrupt or self-deleting; albeit I don't know when that folder is used/accessed?

     If the problem recurs, I will try Traveller's suggestion.  That sounds like a valid avenue.  If that works, it certainly sounds easier than replacing the OS - as well as it would confirm that my solution wasn't necessary.

    Thanks to everyone  for your help!

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