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Re: Black frames

  •  01-07-2018, 16:01

    Re: Black frames

    I have found out what's causing the problem. When I use the cursor to make a transition the black frames  show up,  They are the ones that cause the problem. Other pinnacle transitions work fine.
    I record in 1980x1920 50 p but  in Pinnacle, when  I want to make a disc  image : 720 x 756 25 p: See my letter further up on this page.
     But if I chose to make a file , not a disc, i can chose 1980 x 1920 but 25p not 50 as i recorded in and then the black frames are gone.
    I have also read that dvd discs are not to be used but blu ray discs, then you can use 1980 x 1920.  Is that correct?

    .When making my own transitions, i drag the cursor from the upper right or upper lef corner  of the frame and  they  have either  a blue or red background.( the transition looks like a triangle)  within them.Which alternative shall I use: the left way or the right way? Normally red signals that something is wrong
    I have a picture of it but can't see how to attach it to this forum
    Thanks for taking your time

    Probably the solution is blu ray. I will go for a blu ray burner and a blu ray  disc player

    Tommy Sweden
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