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Disc authoring issues

  •  01-06-2018, 20:14

    Disc authoring issues

    I have no problem exporting and creating a disc image from a  movie clip, settings HD1920x1080 30(60i) and burning to disc as AVCHD2 22Mbits or BlueRay 40 Mbits.

    I have also no problem when I repeat the above but now from a exported file settings H.264/AVC 1929x1080 22Mbits, same when exporting using file setting Mpeg2 1920x1080 60(i) 22Mbits

    However when I use disc authoring and add a disc menu export fails after asset creation.

    The original video was shot in 4K 60 Mbps with Sony AX53 camera.


    Up to this time I mostly worked with original video in 1440x1080 format, but even then when up scaling to  HD1920x1080 30(60i) I did not encounter this problem.

    The last successful  disc authoring was a project  with files from 1440x1080 and 1920x1080 (from the Sony camera)

    format with the first format placed first on the time line.

    Anyone with a solution?.




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