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Re: Re:PS 21 Split Screen - How to set it up

  •  11-01-2017, 13:31

    Re: Re:PS 21 Split Screen - How to set it up

    Actually, the way I see this feature used is primarily inline as you build your timeline and NOT often as an add in after most of the production across multiple tracks exist.  That said, I often add stuff in the middle, to be safe, I use the neat CTRL-SHFT Click and move everything to the right to not mess up track sync ... then do same to move back and anchor to where the end of the addition is.

    Tnx again,

    Perhaps the default duration could be a bit longer, or it could be adjusted in the control panel?

    JJN (and Yann),

    Before reading your reply, I concluded much the same as you stated above (I'll call it a logical workaround to my recommended improvement that could prove too complex to implement).

    Note: Simply extending the initial length of the Split Screen without any other action will NOT work.

    Here is what does work that I will use whenever incorporating Split Screens into my productions:

    1. Place desired Split Screen Template on timeline.

    2. Right-mouse template, click Open in Sub Editor to view all A/V tracks (corresponding to sections of the template).

    3. Add longest video to desired A/V track then set its track length to the actual duration of that video; either by extending its timeline or by setting its exact duration (get duration from video properties).

    4. Add the remaining videos to A/V tracks then extend each to the longest video (set in Step 3).  By doing this, when the shorter videos end they each will display their last frame to the end of the Split Screen clip.  Hint: Edit videos before using to end at most desired frame.

    5. When you return to the timeline, Split Screen is still at default duration (9.59) but all tracks are complete.  Extend Split Screen on timeline or set duration to be the same as longest video.

    6. Now go forward with other actions as necessary.

    Experimenting today: Adam - Swim Meet of 15-08-08 - 4 Stroke Split Screen

    Attachment: Split Screen Sub Menu Screens from the above video.


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