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Re: Re:Clips won't go into bins.

  •  09-13-2017, 4:35

    Re: Re:Clips won't go into bins.

    I'm a long time Studio User. Since version 8 or 9.  Actually I believe I've been on the Declic site before. I found it helpful. 

    I've been using PS20 for some time.

    First I'm creating a project bin and naming it. Then opening it and clicking on the file icon in the upper left hand corner of the screen.

    After that opening the file and selecting the video clips to put in the bin. The clips are shown to be importing however, nothing but a sound wavelength 

    shows on the screen and the video files are never present.

    My backup system with the same software isn't having an issue. Both have Nvidia cards but the one in this system is a Quadro Professional card.

    I updated the drivers after I began having trouble but, that didn't fix the problem.

    Any suggestions are appreciated. 

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