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Pinnacle 15 installation

  •  08-28-2017, 21:08

    Pinnacle 15 installation

    Hi all,


        Just installed a just-discovered Pinnacle Studio 15 I found in storage and  everything installed with no issues until I tried to open a couple of .mov files to start editing.  A dialog box opened and said I had to "activate MPEG-4 encoding/Decoding"  When I hit the option, it says "server error" and "the resource you are looking for (and some of its dependencies has been removed"  It basically says my internet connection is no good although obviously it is good because I'm posting this query.  I could use the "activate using another computer's internet connection" option, but does that mean all my updates will have to come through another computer?  Even though there is obviously nothing wrong with my internet connection on the computer on which PS15 is installed?

     Perhaps this is a known issue? 


    thanks .



    PS  I tried to click chat on the pinnacle webpage, but link does not work

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