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TOTAL CRASH BSOD - uninstall/reinstall question

  •  08-07-2017, 0:51

    TOTAL CRASH BSOD - uninstall/reinstall question

    So as noted in other threads - I was having issues with MULTICAM  - which, I still believe - is the root of all evil - ha

    anyway - - I got the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH - - and afterwards - this machine is so messed up, I thought I was having problems with my SSD drive - so I took another SSD I had, loaded windows 10 on it - installed PS20 and nothing else - and still had problems with the previously files  - ESPECIALLY MULTICAM  segments...

    So no matter what I tried - - every time I would have a problem with disk export/burn etc - it occurred in MULTICAM frames, and despite all efforts an many many tries - still could not export to disk properly - - I also noted that the library project bins are EMPTY - the folders are there - but nothing in them, when I look at 18 or 19 - they are all OK - ?

    I plan on building a new machine in a month or so - not sure if it will get any pinnacle products on it - REGARDLESS

     - -  I have a machine with AVIDStudio PS18/19 & 20 - now I don't use 18/19  - - could I uninstall 18/19/20 and reinstall 20? without any major hickups?

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