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Multicam FIX !!!!!

  •  08-03-2017, 20:39

    Multicam FIX !!!!!

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    ...in my three recent threads you'll see a number of problems with multicam - - in my case - I believe these all stem from a crash/bug which first appeared some time ago in the thread 'PINN 20 gone crzy'


    ..what I believe happened was during this crash/problem - the multicam program became unstable - and some of the files associated with it were likely corrupted - -how do I come to this opinion; 

    • first I was having a nightmare - as I am working on a large project - and had multiple threads recently related to multicam - despite the best efforts of those here - I gained no ground on a solution
    • I actually engaged for a few days - tech support from Corel - who seem to have given up - - sad - they had no clue what they were talking about - you get better help here
    • faced with the malfunctioning multicam - I started over - bought a new SSD drive - loaded it with Windows10 and installed PS20 - see photo - THEN to my surprise had THE SAME PROBLEM??? - - ...I then noticed that the test multicam was not #1 - but #13 - ?? - - so I realized using control panel to select the same area for multicam as I was using before may have had an impact. So I DELETED all the files in the multicam projects folder including the audio folder AND

    ...SO FAR - so good....

    ...clearly something in that area was corrupted, and was influencing new files

    ...in my new machine - - I'll do a clean install, P16/Avid, then 21 or whatever it will be soon, and then - likely to go back to premierpro


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