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Re: PINNACLE is 2 BUGGY! - export nightmare

  •  04-18-2017, 16:52

    Re: PINNACLE is 2 BUGGY! - export nightmare

    I video gymnastic meets with Studio 20.2 on AMD 8 core with a good geforce card and ssd. I also have rendering issues on large complex projects now and then. Similar issues 1080p mpeg4 render would fail but 720 worked. MPEG2 1080p would work but DVD creation would fail. Sometimes the MPEG4 worked fine and the DVD creation would render without error but I would get a freeze frame on the DVD for an entire chapter.

     Things I did to fix it that worked most of the time.

    1) Delete render files. Some times the files are bad.

    2) Turn off hardware rendering during an export. 

    3) Zoom in very close and jump from clip end to clip end. look for the end of the actual video and an extension of the video in the timeline. It changes color. This did it to me most of the time.  I would be zoomed out in the timeline and editing away. i would select a clip and move it by mistake or the trim would activate. Either way not what i wanted but i would drag it back not knowing I just extended it a few frames. Some times I would move clips around that have cross fades on both ends and put it between a video that fades on both ends that were longer in transition times.

    It is like dragging the video past its length. Studio repeats the last frame for the extra time unless you use slo-motion on the clip. This also will make a cross fade freeze while the other video is moving. You can get the same by dragging the transition to the right clip not the left.


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