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Re: PINNACLE is 2 BUGGY! - export nightmare

  •  04-15-2017, 19:40

    Re: PINNACLE is 2 BUGGY! - export nightmare

    I've had Pinnacle for eons - regardless - ALWAYS had issues when it came to building/authoring a DVD menu etc and THEN getting it to EXPORT.

    1) Agreed, since at least S10.. Because DVD Authoring isn't Studio's core function. Import, Edit & Export to File is.

    2) Audience concentration will wander after approx 45 minutes  watching an amateur production, produced with consumer Editing Prog, anyway..

    3) 4 30 minute Projects are better than 1 2 hour.

    4) Simple is best for a "Professional" looking production. Good videography with different camera angles wins over the gimmicky stuff included in Consumer Editing Progs.. .  


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