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Re: Re:Message "...contact the owner or administrator..."

  •  04-11-2017, 19:33

    Re: Re:Message "...contact the owner or administrator..."

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    1) "You don't have permission to open this file". That's the Project Folder containing the Project Files that you can't open in Vista, to prevent you from meddling with the contents. I can open it in Windows 7 64bit version. It shows as a yellow Folder & can be opened when clicking on it, to view contents. Vista will show a grey Folder that can't be opened to view contents, when clicking on it.  .

    2) See my Screenshot that shows the project Folder 1 in My Projects Folder  & STX File 2 that opens the Project into the Timeline, when clicking on it.

    3) You should have a Grey Project Folder & STX File both with the same Project name  showing in your My Projects Folder.

    4) If your Project Folder is elsewhere, Copy & Paste it into your My Projects Folder. If the Project Folder's associated STX File is there, click on it.  If it isn't, select one you don't want & rename it to the same name as the Project Folder. If you haven't got a spare STX File, create a new one, by opening a new Project & immediately saving it to your My Projects Folder. Delete the new Project Folder & rename the STX .. . 

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