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Re: coming from Liquid.... long time ago

  •  02-21-2017, 1:39

    Re: coming from Liquid.... long time ago


    Question...  Will I find Pinnacle Studio similar to Liquid?  I have not found one editor that gave me what I had in Liquid.  The multicam was great.  To be able to ease in and out was nice.  SloMo... ahhhh....  and just the ease to edit quickly.  Are there any past Liquid users here that can answer?  I need to make a decision.  AVCHD .mts files are a pain, but PowerDirector handles them ok on a slower laptop, Windows 8.1.   Help :)

    I too am an old time Liquid user, from version 5.5 to version 7.2, which is still installed on an old XP computer gathering dust.  I switched to Media Composer when Avid killed Liquid and made us a great offer to switch, but I still miss a lot of the functionality that Liquid had.  I have read good reviews about the capability of Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate, but if you are looking for a workflow that is most similar to Liquid, then the word is that Edius has all of that and more.  Edius is more expensive than Pinnacle Studio, but both offer trial versions, so go ahead and give them both a run.  Studio just might be all you need and if Studio had been at the level of the current version 20 when Liquid was killed, I probably would have had a hard time justifying the additional cost of switching to MC at the time.  Now I am stuck with itTongue Tied

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