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Import of Studio 9 .stu files?

  •  01-30-2017, 21:03

    Import of Studio 9 .stu files?


    I'm fighting with big problems with DV files in AVI containers which are a little corrupted because of bugs in the import funtion of Studio 9.4.3. They can be viewed by every player and edited in Studio 9, but Studio 9 hangs when rendering. The problem is that MANY hours of editing lie in the .stu file...

    I would like to try if Studio 20 can handle these files better. The question are:

    • is Studio 20 able to import Studio 9 projects (existing .stu files and the .avi files used by it)
    • is there a chance that Studio won't crash when rendering?

    Alternative question:

    • anyone knows how I can repair corrupted DV files in AVI containers? The idea would be to replace the corrupted AVI files with similar - but repaired - ones. I could not find out how to generate such ones with my FFmpeg.

    Thanks and regards


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