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Inconsistent output quality (not Blu Ray)

  •  12-20-2016, 3:21

    Inconsistent output quality (not Blu Ray)

    I have Pinnacle Studio 12 Plus (  I am running it on a system with lots of RAM, good processor and lots of disk space (see my profile specs).  I am trying to create a video on a DVD, using high resolution photos shot on my Canon 7D MarkII.  The photos look fantastic in Lightroom and the JPEGs I generated to be used as input to PS12 look excellent too.  Even the images displayed in the little screen in the upper right of the PS12 app look great.  But when I create the DVD, the image quality is much lower.  I have stipulated Best Quality.  I tried setting the DVD write speed to the lowest setting.  I even went so far as to Save As my project and retry the whole Make Movie process (my thinking was there was a problem with the original render (?) process). 

    After four burns with the same problem, I am stumped.  I have created a number of DVDs from photos with this computer and this software version.  While I would say the quality has been slightly less than the input images in the past, I would classify those outcomes as minor annoyances.  This is downright unacceptable.  Any suggestions?

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