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Re: PS 15 HD Ultimate Layout

  •  11-30-2016, 13:50

    Re: PS 15 HD Ultimate Layout

    Handbrake can produce a .mp4 file with Chapter info included (Studio cannot).

    I use that to convert my P14 BluRay projects to .mp4 - several files - i.e. one high-res for viewing on the AppleTV on the big screen - another "low-res" for viewing on iPads and iPhones.

    Saves alot of processing-time also since Handbrake is fast in the downscaling from BluRay project to a 720x420 size .mp4 file - or whatever I want. 

    I use the app Infuse (free version is ok) to play the files - and I can jump forwards/backwards to "next chapter". Like it for home videos that I have not done much editing on - just added chapter info on new scenes - and it is then quick to jump to whatever you want to see. On a laptop VLC supports the Chapter info in the .mp4 files and is able to jump-to-next too.


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