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Re: After upgrade of OS

  •  11-29-2016, 13:46

    Re: After upgrade of OS

    FINALLY - now S14 seems to work with all my effects.

    I deinstalled S18 and S14 - ran a Registry-Clean for everything related to old Studio versions (dont know if it was needed).

    I installed S14 (yes I needed my old S9 serial for the upgrade to happen - glad I could still find it) - after activation all my effect-codes and the S14 password was there (guess it came down from Pinnacle database).

    And the effects I'm in need of (pan/zoom, Speed, lightajustment) are now working - great :)

    Think I will drop out on S18 since importing old projects needs so much rework. I dont want to spend time on that with S18. I will wait and see (maybe one day a good cloud based video editing solution will appear)

    Thanks for input and help.



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