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Re: Video & photo editing monitor recommendations

  •  11-18-2016, 18:31

    Re: Video & photo editing monitor recommendations

    Tony P:

    Or.... get a monitor arm and mount the monitor on that. I have very little desk space. M-Audio BX5 Carbons with M-Audio SuperDac and 24" Acer monitor. That's all I can fit on the desk. My 22" is sitting on top of one of the speakers.

    So, when I go 4K and bigger, I'll get a monitor arm for the 24" to be over the 4K monitor. 

    As it turns out the monitor isn't as bad as I thought. When it doesn't wake up I found a power switch on the back when I was plugging the power cable in and out. It was turned on when I bought the monitor and not touched since. Cycling the switch wakes it up whereas the front panel buttons are not functioning when it's asleep. I did pinpoint a nice mount that extends 20 inches out from the wall when I do upgrade. Thanks again for the suggestion.

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