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Re: Re:Video & photo editing monitor recommendations

  •  11-18-2016, 17:12

    Re: Re:Video & photo editing monitor recommendations

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    Anyone know if there's any reason I couldn't attempt the same repair on the monitors power board?

    Maybe because capacitors on the circuit board might suffer of such a high temperature !

    Wilted Flower 


    The aforementioned Hands free card in my car died again last Friday. I pulled it out and baked it again and it's back in service working like a charm.

    Here's a photo of the card. It's been baked four times now. Once when it was still inside it's plastic caseSmile a successful bake that lasted only 3 days. My oven is off so I bumped it from 8 minutes at 390° to 10 minutes at 400° and it lasted from Sept. 3 to Nov. 11.

    Knowing what you know I'm curious what other malfunctioning electronics you think may respond to the "Shake and Bake" as I call it or simply melt to a blob?Big Smile

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