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Importing Studio14 project to Studio18

  •  11-18-2016, 10:34

    Importing Studio14 project to Studio18

    Finally I got my S18Ult running on Win10 machine - excellent thanks to support from Corel :)

    I then took a project done in S14Ult - used the Import-from-previus-versions tool to convert to S18.

    I get a timeline with a DVD, Title, PVT and sound track.

    A Menu is present in the DVD track - but the text is missing.

    The title text is shifted to the left - so text starts outside of video.

    And all chapter information is gone.

    The menu and titles was created in S14 and saved in seperate subdit to where the original project is.

    Is it really true that you have to rebuild all menu and chapter info when going from S14 to S18 ? I hope I have missed something...





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