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Re: After upgrade of OS

  •  11-17-2016, 14:10

    Re: After upgrade of OS

    Thanks Richard,

    I have worked abit more with this. On this computer I have been running P14Ult for years with no major problems. Purchased a P18Ult in 2015 - never got it to work - gave up - and kept running P14Ult - but after Win10 upgrade I got into the trouble with missing effects.

    I have 2 user accounts on the computer. A local ADMIN - and a "User (Cee5) defined as Admininistrator".I tried to do a "repair" of my P14 installation under the Cee5 user account - it failed - and P14 stopped working - got a BSOD when starting up.....

    I then tried logging in as the local "Admin" user on the computer - and P14 now starts up :) - I was able to activate the DreamGlow effect - and some more of my missing effects seem to work (i.e. speed and rotate) - all I need now is the Pic-in-pic and I'm happy (dont use other effects).

    It seems to me all I need is to find the activation key for that somewhere. The ones I got from Saby also are accepted - I dont know what they do.


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