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Re: Video & photo editing monitor recommendations

  •  11-11-2016, 13:36

    Re: Video & photo editing monitor recommendations

    Hi Tony,

    I couldn't believe it either but it works. 

    A few months back I bought a Samsung 4K monitor but the stand was sub par and while hunting a replacement I realized my all purposes PC would be a pain in the neck trying to get program  and browser windows adjusted and zoomed to readable sizes etc. I never even took the foam wrapping off and just returned to Best Buy.

    There was something about connecting the PC via HDMI  muddy graphics if memory serves me. Use display port and another issue keeps the PC from waking and requires unplugging like I'm doing now. If I ever hook up 4K to my PC it would be as a second monitor.

    I've considered going to a 27 inch but the sunken monitor shelf is only 22 inches wide. Luckily this Samsung has a height adjustment that clears the wing shelves by a few millimeters. I hate to go stacking books. Why not a new desk? Large bottom shelf with semi circle cutout for feet holds Full size tower 12" x 6" x 6" UPC, 5 External drives a ton of other stuff.   

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