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Video & photo editing monitor recommendations

  •  11-11-2016, 11:56

    Video & photo editing monitor recommendations

    I'm looking for help choosing a monitor to replace a Samsung 245BW that suddenly only awakens by pulling and reseating the power cable. I've always used it in 1920X1200 resolution but there are very few options at that resolution. I'm looking for a height adjustable stand to clear elevated  "wing" shelves on either side of the monitor shelf.Looking for one with a DVI port also.


    There's apparently problems with the power board resistors going open mainly. I know very little about electronics enough to be dangerous as they say. 

    This summer out of the blue as things are want to do the hands-free mobile link in my Acura quit. A visit to the Acura forum led me to remove the circuit board and bake it in the oven for in my case 10 minutes at 400° and it remade the solder connections and fixed it. Anyone know if there's any reason I couldn't attempt the same repair on the monitors power board? A longshot I know but I've never replaced a resistor before. Like I said enough bad ideas to be dangerous. Possibly.

    All input appreciated.


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