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Time/Date in project

  •  11-03-2016, 10:14

    Time/Date in project

    Have been using Pinnacle since version 8 with several Camcorders.

    My First Camcorder would burn-in a date/time view in the video for few seconds when date had changed or I forced it. I liked that – next Camcorder usind Digital DV – the time for recording is stored in the .AVI file – and in Pinnacle I could copy/paste the date/time to a title on my timeline.

    Now with latest camcorder the .m2ts files has the date/time stored in filename – and I need to pick time from there.

    It is timeconsuming process to copy/paste date/time info into my projects.

    It would be great with an App that could automate this. Read time info from either DV-avi file, filename, Exif data in a photo – and put the info in a text-field on timeline that I can then edit. I mean move/change the text or maybe add info like “Soccer match against ….”- “Xmas party with ….” And so on.

    A “hotkey-Dateinfo” function that will put this in a spot on the timeline. Im not looking to burn this into the source video file – I want it to be editable in Pinnacle. Hope you understand this.

    Can I make this kind of thin myself – or does anybody develop apps to Pinnacle ?

    Thanks for input


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