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Re: HD to DVD work flow

  •  10-27-2016, 23:23

    Re: HD to DVD work flow

    That explains the audio issue. I thought I was crazy but that was happening to some of the audio tracks. I will try mpa and compare. I never used PCM. I did a bit more testing and found if I sharpen the footage on the timeline in 1080p@30p or 720p@30p then go to DVD widescreen 30p with "Best Quality" it looks the best. I think the softness is from resizing. If I grab a 4k shot and a 720 shot and resize to dvd the interpolation of the larger size seems to blur more. Perhaps if the algorithm could be changed or selected like the 2D effect for resize. Either way I got it sorted out.

    Now moving on to keeping studio from re-rendering the mpg for a disk project.

    If I export sections as a mpeg2 DVD compatible file with mpa or ac3 it should not need to render those again in a disk project. If i select the do not render movie check box in the options and the audio type and bitrate match this should be true.

    For some reason I am still rendering the video again.

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