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Re: HD to DVD work flow

  •  10-26-2016, 19:23

    Re: HD to DVD work flow

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    You ought to be able to get at least 2 hours on a single-layer disc and 4 hours on a double-layer disc without appreciable loss of quality - try "fit to disc" or custom settings; you don't have to stay on Studio's "100% quality" setting. And if you're using PCM audio, consider Dolby 2-channel or 5.1 (or MPEG audio if your target players support it); Dolby and MPEG audio take up much less space than PCM, leaving more room on the disc for the video. Smile

    When I make the DVDs of the roller skating competitions that I video, I often need 2 or 3 discs to cover an entire weekend's competitions once edited; I will work out the most sensible "split" of the events between the discs; if I have less than 2 to 2.5 hours I'll use a single layer disc and for up to 4 to 4.5 hours I will use a double layer disc (squeeze any more onto a disc and compression artifacts start to become noticeable).

    I will create the DVD images as VIDEO_TS folders with Studio but will create ISO disc images using Imgburn (for double layer discs, Imgburn will allow me to choose the position of the layer-break; a DVD player may freeze momentarily as it swtiches layers, so having the layer-break in a place where the video is faded to black or where there isn't much movement in the image will hide any little "freeze" that might occur).


    I just picked the DL disk and selected DVD best quality. It would pick 8500 b with dolby 2.0 audio. I guessed it was constant bitrate. I did not try to output mpeg-2 and pick dvd compatable because it had 6000 and mp2. In custom settings I could select peak and average or CBR but that would not make the disk just the files. Now if those files came back in to a disk project I could see that working.

    i did a little test from the couch.

    I captured 4 short clips. One in HD 1080i @60i since bluray spec seems to lack 1080p, 1080p @60p, 1080p @30p, and 720p @30p. I put them on the time line matching the source and created a MPEG2 DVD 16:9 Progressive file (480p@30p) with 8500 peak 8000 average VBR and Dolby 2.0 192b.

    The 1080i@60i looked the worst.

    The 1080p@60p looked better but soft and some staggering with the L/R pans. - I did not try sharpening it with effects and i think the 60 to 30 conversion explains the stagger.

    The 1080p@30p looked very good but soft. - I did not try sharpening it with effects.

    The 720p@30p looked the best. - i am guessing less sampling artifacts since resolution is close.


    Nice tip about img burn and the layer split. I will have to look at that.


    Here are my MPEG2 export settings.

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