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Re: HD to DVD work flow

  •  10-26-2016, 17:37

    Re: HD to DVD work flow


    IMO creating an intermediate MPEG-2 fie is probably unnecessary unless your PC has a slower CPU and can't handle hi-def AVCHD video. But, if you are having trouble handling the original AVCHD files, try creating a hi-def MPEG-2 file using the "HD 1080p" preset (1920 x 1080, 30fps progressive, video bit rate 30MB/sec). That MPEG-2 file would be "easier to work with" than the AVCHD original and could be edited on a system having only a dual-core CPU...

    I have lots of horsepower for the computer so I can edit the AVCHD (MTS) files directly.


    My workflow is to edit from the AVCHD material, but because I have found that exporting to disc can sometimes be flaky for long/complex projects I do actually create an intermediate DV-AVI file of each event within the competition contaiing all the edits, title captions etc. I then simply assemble those DV-AVI files in a disc project and add the menus (I only make DVDs, not Blurays, so I don't need any more than DVD resolution in the intermediate files). But for shorter projects I do "risk it" and go straight to disc (create new disc project from the open movie project, add the menus, then export the disc image.


    I have not used intermediate files. Except when I need to use Mercalli SAL. I try to keep the renders to a minimum. I see the point about resolution. Perhaps capturing in 720p @30p on the camera and using that will scale better. I can make a DVD progressive at 30p i think. Will need to check on that. I can't remember if it was 24p but the player will upscale to 29i.

     I think the issue is the scaling of the video in studio from HD to SD.

    If I trim the clips in the library, bring them in to studio at HD and put sections together, export out as DVD Best quality I can create a disk project and drop the mpg files in, set the chapters menus and during export check the do not re-render. It should not render the mpg files again just the menu parts correct. Then i can use iso as the output.

    I will need to play a bit with that idea.



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