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Re: HD to DVD work flow

  •  10-26-2016, 17:01

    Re: HD to DVD work flow

    There is about 8 hours of total footage per event. Now that is because I have 1 Solo Shot up in a high tripod that tracks the gymnast. Talked the coach into putting the tag in the leo. I also use the handheld with a monopod for close ups and extra footage. Things like chalking the hands, high fives to the team etc..  When the events are done and the awards start I use the Solo Shot to wide angel the podium and positions. And the handheld to get the closeups and salutes after the medals.

    When it is all said and done on the edited timeline it is about 1.5 hours run time. Intro and titles, pre warmup coach chat, warmups, introductions of teams, warmups and pre event stuff, each girl on the events, title with the score for each girl on event, post coach chat, awards.

    I sometimes need to stabilize the handheld and can not find a good batch way to in Studio. i have Meralli 4 SAL for that if need be.

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