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Re: DVD Encryption to prevent copying

  •  11-28-2007, 14:40

    Re: DVD Encryption to prevent copying

    Thanks for that, Dave. 

    My copy run will be no more than 1,000  but, as each will be sold with profit going to an organisation, it would be kinda nice if all the disks could be "secured" - at least from the average punter doing some quick copies on his computer at home - to maximise income. 

    If encrypton of some simple sort could be in place on the copies made by the DVD duplicator for sale, it would prevent this.  If other more technically minded folk want to go to the trouble of downloading de-crypt software etc, good luck to them!

    I find it surprising that, with small copy-runs such as most of us using Liquid do, there is no simple encryption method available for our use.

    How about inventing it someone? 

    Cheers ... 

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